Safety Information and Terms & Condtions


a) You acknowledge that the backing of the play mats are made from waterproof, non-breathable fabric, and you MUST NOT use the play mat as a blanket or wrap, as it may cause harm or death to your infant. You also acknowledge that the play mat may slip on some surfaces and could cause harm to you and others, therefore you must take care at all times.

b) You must supervise your infant when using the play mat and all products we provide to ensure they do not put the play mat or any part of it, or any other toys or items we provide to you, in or over their mouth.

c) You must not use the product near an open flame or heat.

d) The product contains small buttons that could pose a choking hazard.

e) You understand that although it is your responsibility to care for your child, we highlight the above potential dangers to assist you in monitoring additional dangers you should be mindful of and ensure the child is not harmed as a result of lack of supervision while using the playmat and other products we provide. If you have any concerns at all about safety issues or potential developments of any of the products which will make the products more safe for your and your child’s use, please contact us to discuss this, so we can ensure the product you are using is ideal for your desired use.


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