The idea of Theo & Mae was born shortly after the arrival of my first baby.

As a new mum I was itching to get out of the house with my new precious bundle and bask in the glory of the Queensland weather. I joined a mother's group that I met with weekly at local cafes or parks. We were always piling rugs and blankets on top of each other so our babies had something soft to sit or lie on. I wanted a mat that was soft, durable, weather resistant and easily transportable so I could take it with me and my baby where ever I went. After a lot of research, I couldn’t find something that quite fit the bill so I decided to create one! And so the ‘Anywhere Play Mat’ was born!  

The play mat is great for babies who are rolling, learning to sit, enjoying tummy time, or just having a relaxing day lying on their back enjoying looking up at the clouds. It is big enough to share with other babies yet compact enough to roll up and take anywhere. The top layer is cotton, with a padded filling and a waterproof back they they don't get dirty or wet.  

As for the toy bags, I don't know about you, but I was constantly rummaging around the nappy bag or in the pram for toys when we were out. The toy bags are great to keep everything in one place and a whole lot cleaner! They are also a savior in our play room for storing our many cars, blocks, puzzles, Duplo, you name it!